Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A love affair with my closet: Sunny's vintage Carrera sunglasses

When my mom's mom, Sunny Sullivan, passed away a few years back, she left me innumerable personal treasures. Treasures rich with romance and family history. I find myself wearing something that belonged to her, every day. My pieces have a story and a magnetism about them. A spark that can only come from personal items truly loved and enjoyed by their owner.

I found these 1970's Carrera sunglasses in the bottom of a box of my Grandma's belongings. They are very "Sunny". Oversized, over-the-top, bohemian and a little disco. The lenses almost look like bug eyes, they are so huge and oddly shaped. At first I wasn't sure if I liked them, or if they looked good on me. But as time went on I began to appreciate the large protective lenses. I also had never seen them on any one else ever before!! I tried to do a little research on the style and value of these glasses, but have had limited results. I don't think I would ever be able to repair them if a lens pops out or breaks. So I try my best to keep them safe. 

People ask me about my vintage Carrera's all the time. I just tell them that they have a story, and that makes them priceless to me. 

I took this photo on the street I live on in San Francisco. I am also wearing my Grandma Sunny's vintage crochet shawl.